Friday, October 14, 2011


Fall is officially here, even though we had a little bit of November for two of our weddings in September. They were physically chilly, but wonderful and everyone had a great time, especially Tracy as his new role as the one to say, ‘Dearly Beloved’. He thought he would never hear himself say that and yes, he did laugh, but he thought of Prince (or the artist formally known as Prince) and went on with great panache. His leaning analogy when riding a motorcycle with your partner was not only accepted, but prompted the crowd to chant, ‘Lean, lean, lean,’ at the reception.

The butterflies finally made it last week. They had a tough year with the drought in Texas, but they arrived in the hundreds last Wednesday. See our FB page for details… But it reminded me that the year has been unusual… Let’s see, we had the tornado in June, then we didn’t have to mow the lawn until the earthquake, and then we had Irene and then Lee. But all in all it has been a wonderful season. We have definitely had wonderful guests, and Allegra and Carey’s wedding was an appropriate end to the fall wedding season with their entrance by sailboat for the weekend and by canoe for their actual wedding.

The paintings, lamps and other great stuff we got from Mom-Mom and Pop-pop’s house look great in the Inn. Somehow the living room colors all match and seem like they were planned, even though the pieces come from two different families, seven decades and several states. And the new hot tub will be up and running next week, the main reason we made the trek to Maine. We had a pleasant sail on my almost 110-year-old Only Sister from Friendship to Rockland, and I had never experienced hauling her out.

Now Tracy and I are looking forward to winter. We already have friends calling from last year and revisiting from the spring… Aleecia was convinced it was Tracy’s prophesy that she is now indeed pregnant, but somehow we think Mike had more to do with that. The fall winds are full of sharp-shin hawks and we saw a dozen bald eagles in conference about a half-mile above the marsh last weekend. A golden eagle stood his ground on the west bulkhead for all of Thursday, but we haven’t seen him back since then. The weather warmed up but is now unsettled, much like the spring was. But the fireplaces have already been fired from the cold snap last month, so we’re ready and waiting to see what’s next.

Bob, of Bob and Tracy